Working with our clients

We aim to provide you, the client, with the best possible candidates in a cost-effective manner to solve your diverse and unique resourcing needs. At the same time we help our consultants find rewarding and fulfilling positions.

Our processes, our methods and the Quality of our candidates enables them to focus on doing what they do best by allowing us to do what we are best at i.e. supplying Quality people.

We work towards an outcome that ensures that the client & the consultant succeed.

In order to add value to the relationship we must:

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  • Clearly understand, from your perspective, what constitutes a Quality candidate including specific skill set, duration, deliverables, culture, remuneration, technical targeting questions and other tangible and non-tangible benefits.
  • Understand your requirements, time constraints and budgets and be accountable to them.
  • Identify the appropriate candidates. This rarely involves advertising.

Our greatest strength lies in our strong Consultant Network.

We have solid connections with Business, Technical, Scientific & IT, Finance, Administration, Sales & Marketing Professionals including:

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  • Sales, Business Development & Account Managers
  • Business Analysts, Project Managers & Directors
  • Database Administrators & Technical Architects
  • Technical Writers & Trainers & Testers (Q/A)
  • Senior Managers, Line Managers & Team Leaders
  • Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Maximo & other ERP / CRM Consultants
  • GIS Consultants
  • Developers (inc. Web) & Network Specialists
  • IT Infrastructure Specialists
  • Senior Engineers, Project Engineers
  • Accountants, Bookkeepers & Administration Staff


When we recommend people to our clients, we usually know their ability first-hand or have been assured of their suitability by one of the respected people in our extensive network. From time-to-time, we present a candidate from outside our Network, but only after a diligent appraisal process.


We provide you with a short list of Quality candidates that clearly meet your requirements


Negotiate a win / win deal where there is a fair market rate paid for the consultant for the defined role and the client pays a very reasonable rate.


Ultimately you, the client, expect Quality candidates!

That pre-supposes a relationship that provides us with access and information to enable us to know, from your perspective, what constitutes a Quality candidate.

Working with us

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