About Us

Our mission is to seamlessly connect clients with exceptional candidates, efficiently meeting their diverse and distinct resourcing requirements. Simultaneously, we empower our consultants to discover enriching and satisfying roles. By leveraging our refined processes, innovative techniques, and a roster of high-caliber candidates, we liberate our clients to excel in their core competencies, while we excel in ours—sourcing and delivering top-tier talent.

We work towards an outcome that ensures that the client & the consultant succeed. We are dedicated to achieving success for both clients and consultants. To strengthen our collaboration, we are committed to the following:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your definition of a high-caliber candidate, encompassing their precise skill set, project duration, expected outcomes, cultural alignment, compensation expectations, targeted technical inquiries, and both tangible and intangible advantages. 
  • Comprehend your needs, time limitations, and financial parameters, taking full responsibility for meeting them. 
  • Skillfully identify suitable candidates, a process typically extending beyond traditional advertising methods.

We believe in building long-term business relationships with our clients and consultants

Quality People is an Australian owned and operated Company. We specialize in recruiting and placing, on a Permanent or Contract basis, quality, highly-motivated and experienced personnel. Our extensive client base encompasses decision-makers in Utilities, Banks, Auditing Firms, Professional Businesses and Consultancies, Retail, Mining / Resources, Construction, Technology Enterprises and Corporations spanning a diverse range of Industries, within Australia as well as Overseas.

We base our business on quality principles, ideals & values

We are confident that you will be pleased with our first-class efforts and look forward to working together in a mutually beneficial relationship where we will have:

  • Defined and agreed goals and budgets to work towards, together
  • More accountability from us, your supplier
  • All vacancies are thoroughly defined by you
  • Minimised administration through better service and better response

We base our business on Quality Principles, Ideals & Values

  • The Customer comes first!
  • Focus – on deliverables
  • Quality – is achieved through planning, happens through people and never ends
  • Fairness – in all dealings with everyone
  • Efficiency – using innovation and technology to gain maximum output from minimum number of consultants
  • Effectiveness – by conscientiously doing what is right and encouraging others to do the same
  • Leadership – by striving to achieve more to stay ahead, using leading technologies and strategies and showing others by example.
  • Action – to make things happen using the above four core values