Working with Defence and Industry

By working closely with professionals in the Defence industry, Quality People aim to play a vital role in facilitating the successful transition of Veterans to civilian life, forming a crucial bridge between military service and civilian employment, ensuring that their skills and experiences are valued and utilised in their new roles. Our involvement ensures a seamless transition by providing tailored support and guidance.

Welcome to Quality People’s Defence ARK

Advice, Retain, Knowledge

Quality People play a pivotal role in aiding Veterans as they transition into civilian life, leveraging their expertise to offer valuable advice, retain essential skills, and share knowledge. We provide personalised guidance, understanding the unique challenges Veterans face, and offer tailored advice on career paths, resume building and professional development through our ILS training course. By retaining a deep understanding of the military culture and the skills acquired during service, Quality People help Veterans translate their experiences into civilian terms, making them marketable in various industries. Moreover, we actively share our knowledge of civilian workplaces, networking opportunities, and resources, empowering Veterans to navigate the complexities of the civilian workforce successfully. Through our support and mentorship, Quality People contribute significantly to the successful integration of Veterans into civilian life.

Advice: Quality People offer guidance and knowledgeable recommendations for your transition to a working civilian life.

Retain: Quality People hold onto knowledge rather than letting it slip away or be forgotten.

Knowledge: Through Quality People’s research and connections within the Defence industry, we have acquired a substantial amount of information and understanding for what is required of Veterans to transition into a working civilian life.