In a significant boost to cricket in the north, Quality People has recommitted to their partnership with NT Cricket as part of an expanded relationship that will directly support the local community. Quality People has signed up again for the 2020/21 season.

In a further demonstration of Quality People’s commitment to supporting the community, their expanded partnership will link directly into the local Darwin & Districts Cricket Competition (DDCC) by becoming naming rights partner of the Quality People Women’s Competition, as well as the Quality People C Grade Competition.

The investment in the DDCC’s Quality People Women’s Competition is of particular importance with women’s club cricket in Darwin being at a critical stage of its re-emergence, having returned in 2019 for the first time in seven years.

2023 CDU Men’s Strike League Champion: The Desert Blaze

Announcing the Champions of the 2023 CDU Men’s Strike League – The Desert Blaze!

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to The Desert Blaze, our proud sponsored team! Their relentless dedication, unwavering passion, and sheer hard work have led them to triumph, setting a remarkable example of teamwork. They’ve faced every challenge head-on and emerged as the ultimate champions!

The 2023 CDU Men’s Strike League Championship unfolded over several thrilling weeks, featuring a host of exceptional teams demonstrating their skills and commitment. Right from the start, The Desert Blaze, our sponsored team, stood out, laying the foundation for an outstanding tournament journey.

Their journey was a blend of intense showdowns and dominant performances, a testament to their incredible talent, discipline, and unity. With each match they played, their dedication to the sport shone brightly, leaving spectators in awe and rivals in admiration.

At Quality People Ltd., we draw inspiration from our sponsored team’s victory and remain committed to supporting local sports and athletes. As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we eagerly anticipate future opportunities to nurture dreams, cultivate talent, and contribute to the flourishing sports scene in our region.