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Navantia Australia

May 2024

David Silverman & Beau Duncan had the privilege of attending the inner sanctum of one of Australia’s Premium Royal Australian Navy Prime Contractors for Defence Australia – Navantia Australia. They are a huge part of Australia’s Naval shipbuilding industry, contributing to over 60% of the Australian Surface Fleet.

It was great to hear the journey of many members from the Navantia Australia team including: Jamie Gibbs, James Cowie, Nicole Hepburn, Kelly Kavanagh, and Nimish Thomas. Thank you to Olivia Agate for making this happen.

At Quality People Pty Ltd, we align with Navantia Australia’s values in supporting the Australian Defence Force, veterans, reservists, and Defence families in transitioning into a civilian career with purpose.


Victorian Defence and Space Network - Defence Trade Controls Event

May 2024

David Silverman & Beau Duncan attended the very informative Victorian Defence and Space Network – Defence Trade Controls event with excellent presentations by David Nockels, Andrew Garth, George Di Scala, Anthony Weymouth, and Yuri Schneider.

Quality People Pty Ltd would like to thank Caitlin Maynard, Merreilli Barachina, Victorian Defence and Space Network, Victorian Government, and Australian Industry & Defence Network Victoria (AIDN VIC) for putting on an excellent event.


Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Technical Corps

April 2024

Recently, Quality People Pty Ltd had the pleasure of attending a great event with Defence Personnel and Veterans from the Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers technical corps in Melbourne. It was an excellent opportunity to connect with the brave men and women who have served, and continue to serve our country.

Quality People Pty Ltd is honoured to have been part of this event, and we look forward to continuing our support of the Australian Defence Force and our Veterans. A big thank you to Beau Duncan and Shane Layt; part of the RAEME Association Queensland (RAQ) Alumni for inviting me.

During the event, we were able to learn more about their experiences in the military, and we provided support to Veterans seeking assistance on how Quality People Pty Ltd can assist Veterans in successfully transitioning into a valued civilian career with purpose.

At Quality People Pty Ltd, we offer an Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Practitioner Course that is the perfect way to build a successful professional career within the Defence Industry. Designed for current serving ADF personnel, from both technical and non-technical backgrounds, commissioned or non-commissioned officers, Veterans and Defence Civilians, this course helps bridge knowledge gaps and create sustainable career pathways, particularly for our Veterans.

Quality People complete the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Introductory course

April 2024

Exciting news! Our team at Quality People Pty Ltd recently completed our Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Introductory course with our Master ILS Trainer and Subject Matter Expert, Shane Layt. Beau Duncan and I had the privilege of completing the 2 half day online course onsite with the master himself.

The course was incredibly informative and we learned a lot from it. It has inspired us all to continue growing and developing our knowledge in ILS. As a team, we are committed to supporting our future course participants secure appropriate job opportunities and build the ILS industry.

Thank you, Shane Layt, for your wonderful hospitality, and sharing your expertise with us!

Meeting with Kahlil Scarf Fegan DSC, AM

April 2024

David Silverman & Beau Duncan had the honour of meeting with Kahlil Scarf Fegan DSC, AM – the Repatriation Commissioner for the Australian Government Department of Veterans’​ Affairs.

They were immediately struck by his dedication to veterans’ welfare and his passion for the cause. Kahlil is not only an amazing and down-to-earth family man, but also a veteran himself, which makes his commitment to the cause all the more admirable. It was a privilege to spend time with him and to share our common experiences.

It was humbling to personally receive praise from Kahlil Scarf Fegan DSC, AM supporting the dedication and steps that Quality People Pty Ltd are implementing to assist Veterans in successfully transitioning into a valued civilian career with purpose.

Thank you, Kahlil, for acknowledging and supporting Quality People Pty Ltd, opening up our minds, exploring our ideas, challenging us further to think bigger picture, empower us to be brave, and dare to achieve professional excellence in all that we can do for our veterans.

Quality People Pty Ltd at Indo Pacific 2023 International Maritime Exposition

November 2023

Last week, Quality People Pty Ltd’s Global Talent Executive, Beau Duncan, had the honor of representing the company at the Indo Pacific 2023 International Maritime Exposition. During this prestigious event, he engaged with a diverse array of stakeholders, including defense, industry, academic, government delegations, and exhibitors. The insights gained from these interactions reinforced his belief that Australia’s industrial, manufacturing, information, communications, aerospace, maritime, defense, and security sectors are collectively steering towards building a robust, resilient, and internationally competitive Australian defense industry.

Throughout the event, it became evident that the central theme of all discussions revolved around the paramount importance of people. The attendees unanimously agreed that people are the linchpin to achieving and delivering on the mission and purpose of Australia’s defense initiatives. It was clear that without the right talent, strategy, and expertise, these industries would not be able to meet their goals.

Beau Duncan, on behalf of Quality People Pty Ltd, was enthused by the enthusiastic support and dedication to strengthening the Australian defense industry. He observed a shared commitment to not only developing cutting-edge technology and infrastructure but also nurturing the talent and skills necessary to make it all possible.

If you were unable to connect with Beau at the event and wish to explore how we at Quality People Pty Ltd. can assist in fulfilling your unique people and capability requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A Memorable Manila Team Lunch: Uniting Our Teams Across the Philippines

October 2023

In an era where remote work and virtual meetings dominate, there’s something undeniably special about face-to-face interactions. On October 19, 2023, an exceptional gathering took place as teams from various sites across the Philippines came together for a delightful Manila Team Lunch.

Our Manila Team Lunch held on October 19, 2023, will be remembered as a day when a diverse team came together, shared a remarkable meal, and deepened the relationships that form the backbone of their shared mission.

This event reflected our company’s dedication to creating a collaborative and supportive work atmosphere. It exemplified the value of fostering strong team dynamics, regardless of the geographical distance between team members in the Philippines.

The success of the Manila Team Lunch wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of everyone involved. Here’s to more of these meaningful gatherings in the future, as we continue to strengthen our bonds, celebrate our unity, and move forward together as a cohesive and vibrant team.

Tracy Village Cricket Club on Their 2023 Quality People Women's Cricket Grand Final Victory!

September 2023

We’re thrilled to celebrate Tracy Village Cricket Club’s outstanding triumph in the 2023 Quality People Women’s Cricket Grand Final. Our very own Business Manager, Toni Kostas, had the honor of officiating the coin toss, experiencing the electric atmosphere at DXC Arena first hand.

Let’s continue to nurture the spirit of cricket in the Northern Territory, keeping it alive and thriving!

CEO's Insight: A Week of Strategic Confluence in Victorian Defence and Space Network

August 2023

Our CEO, David Silverman, reflects on an extraordinary week in Victoria’s Defence landscape. The week was adorned with the privilege of participating in two illustrious networking events: the August Monthly Defence Industry Networking event and the inaugural gathering of the Victorian Defence and Space Network in partnership with the Australian Industry & Defence Network Victoria (AIDN VIC).

Among esteemed peers such as Jack Kormas, Sue Smith, Tiffany Watkins, and an array of notable figures, a symphony of strategic discussions unfolded. Insights harmonized seamlessly, creating an atmosphere akin to witnessing the confluence of minds in perfect rhythm.

These events resonate as tributes to Victoria’s legacy—a legacy of forging profound connections and nurturing collaborations within the @Defence Industry. Our CEO’s experience has deepened their understanding and admiration for Victoria’s contributions to the global Defence arena.

BAE Systems Australia and Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN National) Global Access Program workshop

August 2023

Two weeks ago, David Silverman and Darren Sacks had the privilege of attending the BAE Systems Australia and Australian Industry & Defence Network (AIDN National) Global Access Program workshop held in Melbourne.

David Silverman, our CEO extends gratitude to Jeremy Satchell, Matthew Majewski, and Kym Welsby from Secure State, as well as the teams at BAE Systems Australia and Australian Industry & Defence Network Victoria (AIDN VIC), for orchestrating an event that delivered an engaging, informative, and enjoyable workshop experience.

The event also provided the CEO with the opportunity to connect with well-known individuals, such as Raymond Harvey, Malcolm Rigby, Kenneth Hoppe, and Nicole Sinclair. Additionally, new connections were established with Mark A. Tipping, Franca Mazzarella, Julian Smith, Anita Patturajan, Craig Greenaway, Geoff Brunton, Jarrod Watts, and Jared Casey.

The CEO would also like to express appreciation to Adam Evans for the recognition received during the presentation.

2023 CDU Men’s Strike League Champion: The Desert Blaze

July 2023

In a thrilling turn of events, The Desert Blaze clinched victory as the champions of the 2023 CDU Men’s Strike League. Our hearts overflow with congratulations for the team we proudly sponsored, The Desert Blaze. Their relentless dedication, unyielding determination, and blazing passion have now reaped the sweet fruit of success. Throughout their journey, they epitomized the essence of cohesive teamwork, overcoming every hurdle and emerging triumphant.

This moment is a testament to the hours of sweat, sacrifice, and solidarity that The Desert Blaze poured into their quest. Their perseverance in the face of challenges and their prowess in toppling their rivals undeniably establish them as the epitome of excellence.

As we bask in the glow of their victory, let us unite in celebration. The extraordinary accomplishment of The Desert Blaze beckons us to honor their extraordinary efforts. Let’s share our treasured memories under the banner of #DesertBlazeChampions and shower them with the recognition they so rightfully deserve.


6D.AI – the Future of Tech, Innovation & Work

July 2023

This week provided a remarkable opportunity for our Team to partake in 6D.AI – the Future of Tech, Innovation & Work, organized by 6 Degrees Media. The experience left a lasting impact, as we delved into the realm of #GenerativeAI, gaining insight into its current applications in daily life and contemplating the potential disruptions this potent force could usher in to the transformative influence of the #Internet some three decades ago.

The event featured a lineup of distinguished voices from the #techindustry, each contributing their insights and inspiration. Notable figures such as Stela SOLAR, Dayle Stevens OAM, Kellie Nuttall, Anna Coniglio, Cameron Pitt, Jennifer Rebeiro, Jonathan Dean, Kris Lovejoy, Ashley Diffey, Gary Hoberman, Rob Carruthers, Daniela F., Dr Kim Oosthuizen, Steven Bonnici, Steve Sammartino, Hind BENBYA, Carina Parisella, Kendra Vant, and John Cox, among numerous others, took the stage to share their perspectives.

The event’s emcee, Adam Spencer, earned accolades for his adept hosting skills, while Angela Horvat and her dedicated team at 6 Degrees Media received commendation for orchestrating an exceptional gathering. The event’s success underlined the ongoing commitment of Quality People Pty Ltd to remain actively engaged in the #techcommunity, embracing innovations like #generativeai and furthering their mission as #QualityPeopleAU.


Recruit: The Savage Way

July 2023

It was a truly invigorating experience for us at Quality People Pty Ltd. We came together as a team, united in our pursuit of excellence, for an intensive day of #recruitment training that left us inspired and empowered.

The energy was palpable as Kirrily Guinan, Darren Sacks, and our CEO, David Silverman delved into the world of recruitment, eager to refine our skills and learn from the best. The opportunity to connect with fellow professionals in the #recruitmentindustry was a highlight, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.

A heartfelt shoutout goes to Greg Savage, whose insightful morning session left an indelible mark on us. His new book, ‘Recruit. The Savage Way’, provided a roadmap for us to navigate the ever-evolving recruitment landscape with renewed confidence and vision.

Expressing our gratitude is essential to those who made this day possible. Carly Fordred from APSCo Australia, Luke Henningsen and the entire JobAdder team, along with the invaluable contributions of Ginger K., 🌻Harsel Kaur Singh, and Shelley Lilleyman, all played a vital role in shaping this enriching experience.

As we reflect on the connections fostered, the knowledge gained, and the motivation instilled, we are reminded that Quality People Pty Ltd is not just a company; it’s a community of dedicated professionals striving to make an impact in the world of recruitment. Today was a testament to our commitment, and we are excited about the path we’re charting ahead.

AFL - Australian Football League Debut

July 2023

Our CEO took a moment to extend his hearty congratulations through a recent social media post. The post was dedicated to celebrating the remarkable achievement of Jack Peris, Nova Peris OAM OLY MAICD, and their entire family. The occasion of honor was none other than Jack’s significant debut in the Australian Football League (AFL) for the St Kilda Football Club, as they faced off against the Gold Coast SUNS.

The CEO’s words reflected not only his personal admiration but also the collective sentiment of the organization. He noted the joy derived from witnessing Jack’s growth throughout the year, as he honed his skills at the Sandringham Football Club. The CEO particularly highlighted Jack’s persistence, having been named as an emergency multiple times during the season, which made his debut all the more momentous.

With a sense of pride in the connection to the AFL Northern Territory Thunder, the CEO acknowledged Jack’s debut as a continuation of the tradition of excellence associated with the Thunder. The post resonated with genuine well-wishes and the hope for Jack’s success as he makes his presence felt in the larger AFL stage.

In closing, the CEO’s words encapsulated the sentiments of the Quality People community and echoed the shared excitement for Jack’s journey ahead. The CEO’s post was a testament to his engagement with both significant milestones within the sports world and the vibrant Quality People community.


Defence Industry Networking Event Week

June 2023

With a fearless spirit and a keen desire to connect, our CEO, David Silverman gracefully embraced the wintry ambiance at the Defence Industry Networking event in Melbourne this week. Undeterred by the cold, the CEO ventured into the crisp air, lending an air of charm to the gathering.

The event provided an ideal platform for our CEO to engage with fellow professionals who share a similar passion. This uplifting experience left an indelible mark, demonstrating the power of meaningful connections in the Defence Industry.

Among the attendees were notable figures and fresh faces, each embodying the enthusiasm and drive of the Defence Industry. From Tiffany Watkins and Steven Ullness to Greg McGlone, Miro Miletic, and many more, the event brought together a diverse range of talents and expertise.

Our CEO extends a heartfelt shoutout to familiar faces such as Jack Kormas, Sandy Taylor, Raymond Harvey, Jacob Blitman, Adam Evans, Alexander Robinson, Steven Holloway, and others who, while intending to attend, couldn’t make it this time. The anticipation of future encounters adds a note of excitement for what lies ahead.

In the spirit of forging new paths and fostering collaboration, the CEO’s presence at the event exemplified Quality Peoples’s commitment to driving innovation and growth within the Defence Industry.

CEO's Reflections: A Remarkable Journey Through NT Defence Week

May 2023

Dive into the essence of an exceptional week as our CEO shares their reflections on the vibrant landscape of NT Defence Week in Darwin. With gratitude, they recount the invaluable connections made and cherished reconnections within the spheres of Defence and Industry. Familiar faces like Aaron McMahon, Neil Fitzpatrick, and a constellation of others painted a backdrop of camaraderie and collaboration.

From the dynamic stages of the ADM Northern Australia Defence Summit (NADS) to the forward-looking canvas of Plan Galileo, the week encapsulated an array of transformative experiences. Our CEO extended support to Allies at the Northern Territory Indigenous Business Network’s (NTIBN) event, delved into engaging dialogues with Defence Industry Primes such as Fluor Corporation, Downer Defence, and more at the Industry Capability Network – Northern Territory (ICN NT) “Defence Industry Speed Networking”. An invitation to the launch of NADS in the esteemed Main Hall of Parliament House by Chief Minister Natasha Fyles marked a moment of honor.

The journey was also punctuated by productive gatherings like Defence Industry Networking (DIN) – Darwin at Wharf One Food & Wine, the Maritime Industry Networking, and the captivating sunset backdrop of Chamber of Commerce Northern Territory’s Business at Sunset hosted by INPEX at Saltwater at Bundilla.

Gratitude flows towards Toni Kostas from Quality People Pty Ltd for her unwavering efforts in hosting our CEO throughout the week. The vivid snapshots captured in their photos reflect the vibrancy and vitality of the people and events that shaped this extraordinary week.