Who else is now working from home? Is it new for you?

These are a few tips for getting through the day:

1. Set up a space so you can feel comfortable, good chair, right height table or desk, good lighting and fresh air (if possible)

2. Always get up and be ready for the day have a set work start and finish time, try align these times with your regular work hours so that your colleagues, clients and customers aren’t greatly affected by your flexi-hours

3. Make sure you know how to use the workplace video conferencing, be it Skype, zoom etc

4. In light of 3 & 4 brush your hair & have a shirt on for the video! Not only will feel professional, that you’re at work, but your colleagues will get the sense that you aren’t slacking off

5. If your kids are at home with you, all of this could be a little tricky. Depending on their age they’ll need varying levels of supervision. You’re a parent despite your work commitments. Try set them up with activities that require less of your time. Take regular breaks from work to check up on them and prepare snacks for them. It’s important to stay patient with them, it may be a new routine for them too! If your kids are struggling with the “social distancing” thing, try explaining it to them by using the example from “Frozen” when Elsa had to stay away from Anna to keep her safe

6. Don’t have the TV or music on unless you normally would if you were working in the office

7. Say good morning via text or Team app to your team every day and check in on everyone regularly. Human contact is vital for your sanity!

8. Have a to do list for the day so you know what you need to achieve

9. Have regular breaks, have a coffee/ tea & stand up and walk around. Ensure you spend 15-30 minutes outside for a breath of fresh air during your lunch break! (Yes make sure you have a lunch break)

10. If you are struggling please seek help there are many resources available, it may be talking to a line manager a colleague.