Starting a new job is very exciting but it can cause some
people a level of anxiety, even for the most experienced of professionals.

Here are 3 easy tips for making a good impression on day one of a new gig:

  1. Introduce
    . The most comfortable scenario is to wait for others to introduce
    you, but there’s no harm or shame in introducing yourself to other team
    members. It demonstrates confidence and a willingness to integrate into an
    established team environment. It will help you to establish professional and
    personal relationships with your co-workers from the outset. Talking to new
    people will relax you because you’ll realise that your new colleagues are good people
    and they’ll help you settle in. They all know what it’s like to be the new kid,
    allow them the opportunity to make your transition as smooth as possible.
  2. Remember
    Name recall is a difficult skill, particularly when you’re faced
    with a situation in which you’re meeting several people at the same time.
    Remembering names requires some practice, it may help to repeat their name
    twice or three times in the initial conversation. “Hi Jane, my name is Darren.
    Lovely to meet you Jane. What is your role in the team Jane?”
  3. Smile.
    Your colleagues don’t know you yet, and the power of a warm and friendly smile
    can not be overstated. Your smile conveys friendliness, it makes you
    approachable, and it will contribute to your new colleagues’ willingness to assist
    your transition into your new role.

If you’re starting a new role soon and you’re feeling a
little bit anxious, feel free to reach out to the Quality People team on (03)
9576 6388 for some free coaching. We wish you every success for your new job!